What is ECM?

ECM – is a product that enables operations, productivity controlling and monitoring with seamless communication between all involved components (humans, software or hardware) within the Enterprise.

Let the data speak

  • 3,000+ monthly active business users

  • Present in companies with 180,000+ employees combined

  • 250+ experts from logistic, warehouse and pharmaceutical industry

  • 60+ billion € total combined revenue of ECM customers in 2021

Service management solution for Logistics and Production

ECM is used in various industry verticals, from logistics and warehouses to big chemical companies.

Structured communication within enterprise

It enables structured communication between multiple teams on multiple locations within the enterprise by providing a transparent process of Event Creation, Event Reassignment, and Reporting capabilities.

Report An Event From Your Pocket

ECM is a web-based solution easily accessible through desktop or mobile devices. The ECM can work as a part of your private network or be made publicly available and it can be easily integrated into a wider business solution through a standardized set of APIs.

what our clients say

“The solution enables employees on the shop floor to gather frequent data in no more than 1 minute. Our IT department now gathers all the necessary information in one place. Situations like missing or being unaware of some problem in the company are no longer possible.”

Petar Stojanovic, Bambi

“ECM Mobile App enabled us to gather requirements from field representatives. It is easy to use and makes the whole process fast and easy. GET ECM spends neither our nor our clients’ time.“

Veljko Vuceljic, NET Agro

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