Step 1

Take control of your business processes

  • We provide you with the template of the Control Center screen as a starting point

  • Observe the structure

  • Draw your business’ scheme and align the structures

  • Upload the images of each process phase

Hint: You can set up your own layout by yourself or you can reach us to do it on your behalf.

Step 2

Let’s create some events

  • We have prepared a catalog sample for you. Open “Report an Event” screen.

  • Navigate through the potential events and pick some to open.

Hint: The whole catalog and its hierarchy are completely configurable.

Step 3

Fill out the form and submit!

  • Click on one event from the catalog. The form opens.

  • Fill the form out

  • Submit!

Hint: Yes, the form is configurable as well by drag-and-dropping of various custom field types to meet almost all demands.

Step 4

Receive the notification and access the details screen

  • If you are a member of some support team, you will be notified about the event for your team

  • Access the details screen directly from the link in the notification mail or by navigating through the ECM

  • Communicate with the requestor trying to solve the request

  • Once you are done, you can close the event

Hint: You can modify the data, upload files, create sub-events, correspond with other colleagues via both public and private notes, and many more.

Need assistance?

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